from Moore's Lore by Dana Blankenhorn
June 30, 2005
TheFeature Closes

CarloLongino.jpgBlogging is filled with comings-and-goings. Mostly comings these days.

But some goings as well. Some, in fact, are quite sad.

Put this on the sad list. TheFeature is no more. I found out about it a few minutes ago, and confirmed it at the site.

TheFeature was among the best blogs I've seen on the mobile Internet. Their "columnists" ("bloggers") were good writers, with good sources and real insight.

You can see the reactions of some of those columnists here. Russell Buckley, who clued me in on all this, has also announced his own blog, Mobhappy, and one of TheFeature's best, executive editor Carlo Longino (above), is moving over there.

You done good, guys. Let me buy you a beer whenever you're in Atlanta. Sure, freedom fries too. Y'all earned it.