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November 28, 2005

Finally, Some Decent Podcast Aggregation

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Posted by Dana Blankenhorn

po-di-um.pngOne of my biggest problems with the whole podcasting "phenomenon" is the shortage of good aggregation tools.

There are many Podcast organizers out there, in other words, but no one place you can go to see it all.

Until now. A Japanese outfit called Podium has launched a beta of just such a service. Here, on one page, you have all the major podcast "networks," and their top downloads, one-through-ten, along with direct links to the sites themselves. (Given its location, it's no surprise that the page is available in Japanese, Chinese, and English. The link is to the English-language page.)

The same page also features quick links to the RSS feeds of any existing aggregator. One-stop shopping.

I wonder who's going to object?

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1. Russell Shaw on November 29, 2005 09:18 AM writes...

Well, maybe.

If you go to, you see Yahoo-like directory subject tree listings for more than 17,000 podcasts.

Click on a category and you will get a detailed list with hotlinks for podcast download.

Podium strikes me as something else, entirely, useful as an aggregator, kind of like a Metacrawler for the Podcast space. But since they are, at their core, just a bunch of top 10 lists, they just don't seem that comprehensive a resource to me.

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