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September 16, 2005

Mobile Growth for 2005 is 380 millionEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Informa market research estimates 380 new customers will pick up mobile or cellular phones this year, against 335 million last year. The promised slowdown still hasn't come, with the developing world going ga-ga for the devices.

September 14, 2005

Google Blogsearch OpenEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Google's blog search is finally open, in beta, at http://blogsearch.google.com/ See if you're there. (Searching by name will bring both your own work and that of others who link to you.)

September 11, 2005

A Visit to New OrleansEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Qualcomm manager Nick Glassman, a New Orleans native, visited the city last weekend. His story is not for the squeamish.

September 07, 2005

Hurricane Victims Must Use IEEmail This EntryPrint This Article

The FEMA forms that allow victims to apply for disaster assistance only work with Internet Explorer 6.0.

September 03, 2005

Quick Quote From Yours TrulyEmail This EntryPrint This Article

When you elect people with contempt for government, the result is contemptible government.

August 29, 2005

Corante Author on WZNN in AshevilleEmail This EntryPrint This Article

If you heard me on WZNN in Asheville today, and want to know more, here is the link. Still confused? Write me.

August 28, 2005

What I'm Listening ToEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Featuring the Song for Sonny Liston.

Mark Knopfler is the reigning poet of pain. He's brilliant. Buy it.

August 19, 2005

Mo Mowlam DeadEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Mo Mowlam, praised here last week, has died, the BBC reports.

A giant for peace. We need more of her. Especially here.

August 12, 2005

Grow Up, EugeneEmail This EntryPrint This Article

At 17 I hung out with a kid named Eugene Delgaudio in a right-wing nut group called YAF. I grew up. At 50 Eugene is exactly the same jerk he was then. So some advice. Grow up. Same goes for your big brother, who I remember as being hot for 16 year old girls. Fine when you're 20. We have another name for it at our age.

August 10, 2005

Wireless Business ModelsEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Looking for wireless business models? Start here, with "Personal, Portable, Pedestrian," and leave your "yeah, buts" at home.

July 29, 2005

Microsoft VisiOn (uh, Vista)Email This EntryPrint This Article

Microsoft has confirmed that the next version of its Windows operating system, formerly called Longhorn, will now be named VisiOn! (No, check that. It's to be called Vista. Microsoft Vista.)

July 27, 2005

NPR and Philly WiFiEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Yes, that was yours truly on NPR this morning, talking skeptically about Philadelphia's WiFi plans. Thanks for asking.

July 24, 2005

Marc Canter RespondsEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Marc Canter has posted a long response to my piece about his GoingOn Network. Filled with corrections both large, and small, as well as additional insights.

July 19, 2005

Quote of the DayEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Your obedient servant is featured in today's issue of G. Armour Van Horn's Quote of the Day. For those scoring at home:

The Great Race has always been between tyranny and freedom, with order as tyranny's worthy handmaiden, and crime as freedom's ugly stepsister.

July 18, 2005

Jamster Adds RSS SpamEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Jamster, the Verisign-owned ringtone company implicated in the Crazy Frog scandal, has added RSS spam to its marketing.

July 14, 2005

BlogAds Gets TBS GigEmail This EntryPrint This Article

BlogAds has begun running a TBS campaign, based on a podcast, forits upcoming reality show "Minding the Store." (I hope this doesn't mean the fate of BlogAds is riding on Pauly Shore.)

July 13, 2005

Ebbers Gets 25 YearsEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Bernard Ebbers drew a 25-year jail term for his role in the Worldcom scandal. It's like the line from the NBC show Law & Order, in which an aging bad guy (Ebbers is 63) gets that sentence. "I can't do 25," he says. "Do as many as you can," is the reply.

July 11, 2005

Joe-JobberEmail This EntryPrint This Article

A drug spammer has been Joe Jobbing me, using my personal e-mail box as his from address. The domain is owned by a Bridget Farley with a made-up address and phone number.

July 07, 2005

Disney Cellular IdiocyEmail This EntryPrint This Article

In all the hoohoorah about Disney re-selling Sprint service to kids, did anyone mention its ESPN unit did the same thing just a few months ago? Or that the key terms here are Sprint and re-sale, not kids and Disney?

July 05, 2005

Chinese PR Experts NeededEmail This EntryPrint This Article

ImageThief reports that PR pros are badly needed in China and salaries are rising fast, quoting the China Daily. (Gong Hay Fat Choy.)

June 02, 2005

Cellular WiFiEmail This EntryPrint This Article

5G Wireless Solutions of Marina Del Rey, CA announced a "cellular" WiFi system using directional arrays. It promises 2 mile radius service zones in the 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum, and backhauls via directional links in the 5.3-5.8 GHz range.

May 16, 2005

AsinineEmail This EntryPrint This Article

In trying to make its $50/year archives access charge appear reasonable (coming in September), The New York Times will put its columnists inside the pay tier.

Why write a column if it can't reach the people?

May 13, 2005

Unitarian JihadEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Unitarian Jihad was declared last month by Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle. Enjoy.

April 27, 2005

Murdoch To Papers: You're DeadEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Rupert Murdoch told the American Society of Newspaper Editors their industry is just about dead, according to the New York Observer. People, he said, "want control over their media, instead of being controlled by it....Unless we awaken to these changes and adapt quickly, we will, as an industry, be relegated to the status of also-rans."

Update: Eitan Caspi sent a link to the speech from Israel. It's on the Newscorp site.

April 25, 2005

Cell Companies Don't Provide InternetEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Moves by cellular companies to introduce a rating and filtering system for all product they proves these companies will never offer Internet services. Such controls can only be mandatory on closed networks.

Bidding for MCI Hits $10 BillionEmail This EntryPrint This Article

The bidding for MCI hit nearly $10 billion, although no one is yet asking what Verizon or Qwest are buying.

April 20, 2005

Earthlink Backs MetroFiEmail This EntryPrint This Article

A start-up backed by Earthlink has launched its first wide-area WiFi service under the name MetroFi in Silicon Valley.

April 18, 2005

Adobe Buying MacromediaEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Adobe will buy Macromedia for $3.4 billion, further consolidating the PC applications space. The Linux applications space, by contrast, is filled with start-ups. Hmmmmm.......

April 14, 2005

Municipal WiFi a Reality (in Wales)Email This EntryPrint This Article

Bridgend, Wales and a WiFi provider called The Cloud are about to turn on a network within the city that can be accessed from customers of 20 different ISPs, using their current accounts.

April 12, 2005

CIA Invests In Always OnEmail This EntryPrint This Article

The CIA's investment arm has made an investment in WiSpry, which makes tiny radio chips (called RF-MEMs) used in Always On sensor networks.

April 11, 2005

New Always On ResourceEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Donald Wallace has launched a new blog about what I call Always On, dubbed Industrial M2M for Machine-to-Machine. We're adding it to our blogroll.

.jobs and .travel to go liveEmail This EntryPrint This Article

ICANN approved two new top-level domains, .jobs and .travel, and authorized AfriNIC in Mauritius to oversea distribution of IP numbers on that continent.

March 28, 2005

Predictive Text Patent Filed By TexasEmail This EntryPrint This Article

The University of Texas sued 18 major tech companies, claiming one of its professors patented Predictive Text in 1985. Click here for details.

March 18, 2005

IEEE Approves Single 802.11n ProposalEmail This EntryPrint This Article

The IEEE 802.11n working group approved TGn Sync as its proposed standard. That could bring 100 Mbps wireless networks to market in 2006.

March 16, 2005

NGage Price Cut To $99Email This EntryPrint This Article

Nokia cut the price of its NGage to $99 (with a phone contract) , days after giving it 3MOG capabilities.

Intel Pushes MMX2 For MobilesEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Intel is pushing a version of its MMX2 technology for mobile phones. Not a big story because Intel is not a big factor in the cell chip market. (Now if they turned that into a platform story...)

March 13, 2005

Samsung 7Mb Camera PhoneEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Samsung offered CeBIT visitors a mobile phone with a 7 Mbit camera. That's more resolution than in many stand-alone cameras.

March 10, 2005

T-Mobile Drops Sidekick ServiceEmail This EntryPrint This Article

T-Mobile has shut down the Sidekick data services that were the subject of the Paris Hilton hack, according to Weblogsinc.

March 06, 2005

ICG Wins Back Its ListingEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Internet Catptal Group, one of the main avatars of the Internet boom in the late 1990s, has won back its listing on the NASDAQ.

March 01, 2005

Half Of All Texts Are Spam?Email This EntryPrint This Article

43% of all text messages sent in the U.S. are now spam, according to Wireless Services Corp., a wireless data carrier. Via Testbed.

February 23, 2005

Pot Helps Alzheimers PatientsEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Spanish scientists report that the active ingredient in marijuana may stall the development of Alzheimer's Disease.

Better "Dave's not here man" to "who's Dave," y'know?

Sony Drops Clie and PalmEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Sony has officially dropped the Clie and other Palm-related devices from its line. Its PDAs will now be based on its PlayStation Portable game machine and Sony-Ericsson mobile phones.

February 22, 2005

HK Installed Base Very YoungEmail This EntryPrint This Article

A Hong Kong survey shows that 25% of its mobile phone users are 13 or younger. About 86% of people there have mobiles.

February 21, 2005

Einstein @ HomeEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Physicists have launched Einstein @ Home, a distributed computing application aiming to prove whether gravitational waves exist. Order it now and be the first on your block to have it once it's released.

February 17, 2005

Crazy Frog A SingleEmail This EntryPrint This Article

A ringtone called "Crazy Frog," which also features a cartoon dancing like one of the original Village People (the policeman), will be released as a single in the UK.

February 15, 2005

A Strange New TrendEmail This EntryPrint This Article

For the second time in less than a week I received a spam trackback to this blog today. The people who know how to blacklist and erase comments on Movable Type also know how to block bogus trackbacks. Be warned and don't waste our time.

February 08, 2005

Google Maps Is HereEmail This EntryPrint This Article

The beta version of Google Maps is online. The main service is still serving maps from Yahoo and Mapquest. The maps are pretty, the interface clean, and the images are by Navteq.

February 01, 2005

Cheaper WiFi For BritainEmail This EntryPrint This Article

BT re-seller Freedom2Surf has put BT's OpenZone hotspots "on sale" for 5 pounds a day, half what BT itself charges. The new price is still what U.S. phone giants SBC and T-Mobile charge their customers.

January 28, 2005

More on Wolfram MusicEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Per our story yesterday on the musical potential of cellular automata, Mooreslore reader Lindon Parker pointed us to Chaosynth, a synthesizer design from Eduardo Reck Miranda designed around them.

Nokia's PlansEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Alan Reiter reports that Nokia will put cameras of at least 1 megapixel in fully half the phones it ships this year.

January 26, 2005

Earthlink MobileEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Earthlink is teaming with SK Telecom of Korea to offer mobile phone service using the Verizon and Sprint networks.

January 24, 2005

New ViriiEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Two new Symbian (Nokia etc.) phone viruses, Gavno.a and b, masquerade as patches and render phones completely useless. Meanwhile an IM virus, Bropia.a, downloads a Trojan to infected Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger clients, which includes a keylogger and a IM spam (or SPIM) program.

January 20, 2005

Pigeons Get Final Lay-OffEmail This EntryPrint This Article

The last pigeon messaging station in the world, in Cuttack, Orissa, India, is closing, a victim of cell phones and e-mail.

January 18, 2005

Siemens Mobile Gone By January 27?Email This EntryPrint This Article

Mobiledia reports Siemens will announce the closure of its mobile phone unit on January 27 if it doesn't find a buyer by then.

January 17, 2005

Life And Silicon MarriedEmail This EntryPrint This Article

UCLA scientists have linked rat muscle cells to silicon chips creating self-powered robots.

January 13, 2005

Fliers Want Phones OffEmail This EntryPrint This Article

A Gallup survey of fliers shows 68% want the ban on cell phone use in the air to stay, despite the lack of valid safety concerns.

Count me among them.

January 10, 2005

New Airport FadEmail This EntryPrint This Article

The latest airport fad is the mobile phone parking lot, where those picking up passengers can hang out, free, and wait for a call so they don't loiter close to the gates.

Thanks to The Common Scold (aka Monica Bay) for the heads-up.

January 07, 2005

Mozilla Security HolesEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Security problems have been found with versions of all Mozilla products, including the Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client.

The problems to not affect the latest builds of any of these products, so users are advised to update.

Ads In RSS FeedEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Industry Brains has begun selling ads inside RSS feeds of publishers stories, starting with CMP Media. The Business Software Association is among the early buyers.

January 05, 2005

Six Apart to Buy LiveJournalEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Om Malik reports that Six Apart, which owns Movable Type, will buy LiveJournal later this month, giving Six Apart 6.5 million users.

January 04, 2005

3G Successor On The HorizonEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Some 26 companies have joined to begin the process of bringing a faster successor to coming 3G mobile networks to market. The new network would have "true" broadband speeds.

December 30, 2004

Ring RageEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Ringtones are becoming a major source of controversy in Australia, with some employers requiring phones be set to "vibrate mode" at work, and others banning them altogether.

December 29, 2004

Cabir Leaks OutEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Turn your Bluetooth off! Source code for the Cabir mobile phone virus, which is passed through open Bluetooth connections on Symbian-based phones like Nokia's, was posted online, The Register reports.

China Mobile Subscriber CountEmail This EntryPrint This Article

China now has 329 mobile phone subscribers, according to AP from Textually.org, and expects 402 million by the end of 2005. That would still give just one in three Chinese a phone.

December 22, 2004

Korean Mobile SpamEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Korea now has to deal with more spam sent to mobile phones than via e-mail, according to the Korea Information Security Agency (KISA). Their hockey stick chart is worth a look, too.

December 16, 2004

LeapfroggingEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Great piece on Leapfrogging, less-developed countries going straight to technologies just getting started in more-advanced competitors. From Worldchanging.

Bluetooth CarEmail This EntryPrint This Article

The 2006 Volkswagon Passat will feature Bluetooth. Get into the car with a Bluetooth phone and continue your conversation, hands-free. For starters.

December 15, 2004

Cellular Directory HoaxEmail This EntryPrint This Article

The story about having to opt-out of a mobile phone directory by a specific date was a hoax. It's all opt-in, and telemarketers won't get access to it.

1 In 4 Worldwide Have MobilesEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Mobile phone accounts now total 1.5 billion. That's one phone for every four people, worldwide.

December 09, 2004

Email This EntryPrint This Article

Thunderbird, the Mozilla replacement for Outlook Express, is now available. Get it now.

Email This EntryPrint This Article

If a Colby Nolan applies for a job at your firm claiming an MBA from Trinity Southern University, set it aside. Colby is a six year old cat, owned by a deputy attorney general in Pennsylvania, which alleges that Trinity Southern is a spam-spouting diploma mill.

Nolan could not be reached for comment.

December 07, 2004

Truth Like FictionEmail This EntryPrint This Article

In my ongoing novel "The Chinese Century" the backdrop issue is the falling dollar. The story is not fiction. I have also approached the angle of Softbank investing in mobile technology. Turns out that wasn't fiction, either.

Will you newspeople leave me a little something I can make up, please?

December 05, 2004

Email This EntryPrint This Article

Xcelis launched its "cellular Skype" service with a free 7-day trial to Cingular/AT&T and T-Mobile customers.

The company will charge $9.99/month. You call Xcelis, get a second dial tone, then call the party you want over VOIP.

December 03, 2004

Email This EntryPrint This Article

A new version of the Skulls mobile phone virus, Skulls B, is apparently capable of infecting phones through open Bluetooth connections. This mimics the behavior of real viruses, which also travel through proximity. (Gesundheit.)

Spam Trends (In My Inbox)Email This EntryPrint This Article

What's in my spam folder these days?

Offers of phony Vicodin and fake Rolex watches. Oh, and phony lotteries. And lots more of all of it.

December 02, 2004

Bluetooth Security NeededEmail This EntryPrint This Article

Bluetooth security will be upgraded (longer passwords, better encryption) following reports hackers are stealing phone owners' data, writes TechTarget.

ESPN WirelessEmail This EntryPrint This Article

ESPN will offer its own brand of cellular service next year, under the name ESPN Wireless, re-selling capacity from Sprint PCS, according to Weblogsinc.

3G By 2006Email This EntryPrint This Article

Cingular Wireless said it will have 3G broadband wireless available in "most major markets," by the end of 2006, citing spectrum it acquired with AT&T Wireless.